Juniors are for girls in primary 4-7, they meet
between 6:30pm-8:00pm every Thursday. The
Juniors work for four badges, a Junior circle in
Primary 4 and another one in Primary 5, then a light blue diamond in Primary 6 and a dark blue diamond in Primary 7. Girls’ have  lots of fun earning their badges. This year topics where the Ten commandments, team games, communication and head to toe. The girls also get to enjoy bowling nights, movie and McDonald’s nights and sleep overs in the church.

Our Uniform

Casual - Navy joggers, white polo shirt,
royal blue,  jumper,trainers

Formal - Navy skirt, white polo shirt,
royal blue jumper, white socks, black
school shoes, arm band and long hair tied up.

We also get a chance to do games and craft on a company night.

Here are some pictures
from the last session.

(Primary 4- 7)
meet from
6.30pm to 8.00pm

We also go on trips, this year we visited the
Glasgow Science Centre and IMAX cinema.